Our #1 for November – Allison Launder

Allison Launder - Adventurer!

Allison Launder - Adventurer!

A few minutes with Our #1 – Allison Launder

Allison is a beautiful and happy 9 year old.  She is a third grader at Westside Montessori.  She balances school, dance and gymnastics with her diabetes. She is a shining example of the JDRF mission – what we have accomplished and why we work to do more.  JDRF of Northwest Ohio is proud to have her and her family on our team.  We had the privledge to interview her and gain a little insight into how she manages her diabetes and how she proves that diabetes doesn’t need to take over your life.  Take a few minutes to see what she has to say and Allison Launder will be your #1 too!

·        What is your first memory of having T1D? I remember being in the hospital. I was only three, and it was very scary. I had never remembered being in the hospital before. I remember getting my first finger poke and it hurt. I didn’t know what they were doing and it really surprised me.

·        How in a few words did T1D impact your life? T1D impacts my life in many ways. I have to stop things that I am doing to test. It takes time away from my work at school.  I am a ballerina and gymnast and I have to take a break from those activities to test. T1D also affects my food choices. I can’t always have what I want to eat. My meals sometimes are influenced by my blood sugar levels.

·        What do you wish people knew about life with diabetes? I wish that people understood more about diabetes. My life isn’t really as hard as what some people think. I can still do everything that kids that don’t have diabetes can do, I just have to always be prepared to manage lows or highs.

·        What reaction do you get when others discover you have T1D? I think there are positive and negative reactions. Some people are accepting and supportive. Other people don’t understand and think T1D might be contagious. I sometimes worry if people will accept my diabetes.

·        Who has impacted your life with diabetes or your decision to work with the JDRF the most? Mom and Dad. They really helped me when I was little and was first diagnosed. They still help me manage my diabetes, but because of them I am able to do a lot  of testing and management on my own.

·        What may someone be surprised to know about you? I am very adventurous. I started skiing black diamonds last year. I also white water raft, zip line, and love to camp.

·        Why are you supporting the JDRF in fighting T1D? Because T1D is not enjoyable! Money donated the JDRF helps develop technology I use to live a healthier life. That technology also makes dealing with diabetes easier. I hope one day a cure is found.