Our #1 for January – Dylan Dominique

Dylan Dominique - 300

Dylan Dominique is a fabulous example of someone we fight for everyday, here at JDRF of Northwest Ohio.  Dylan was diagnosed at 5 years old and embraces his diabetes.  He is an active third grader at Lincoln Elementary and, as you will see, he doesn’t let diabetes stop him do anything.  He is a dynamic 9 year old boy, who wanted to share with you his thoughts on managing type 1.  These are his own words, unedited.  I hope you find inspiration from Dylan, like we do.  Dylan, we are fighting for a cure, we want to turn type one into type none for kids all over Northwest Ohio, just like you.


What is your first memory of having T1D?

My first memory is having my first shot in the hospital.  It didn’t hurt at all.


How, in a few words, did T1D impact your life? Something you had to change, couldn’t attend or overcome.    

Dylan's Diabetes Defeaters

Dylan’s Diabetes Defeaters

Not being able to snack on things like I used to.  For example, I can’t eat M&M’s out of the bowl at birthday parties.


What do you wish other people knew about life with diabetes?

I wish they knew that you can basically do the same things as everybody else.  Not much really changes.


What reaction do you get when others discover you have T1D?

It sometimes seems they are overwhelmed and “afraid” of it.  They think it hurts and they get nervous about having me around without my parents there.


Who has impacted your life with diabetes or your decision to work with JDRF the most?     

My parents, grandparents and Dr. Watkins.


What may someone be surprised to know about you?

I play baseball, football, basketball and soccer.  I basically play sports 365 days a year!  Diabetes does not slow me down!!


Aunt Erin and Dylan

Aunt Erin and Dylan

Why are you supporting JDRF in fighting T1D?

My family really feels like JDRF is eventually going to find a “cure” for me and all of the others dealing with T1D.  We have always felt like every little bit makes a difference so we try to do our part to help get there.  I guess it is our way to feel like we are being productive and proactive instead of sitting around feeling sorry for me.


What would you like to tell someone who is thinking about donating to JDRF?

The donations make a huge difference to me and I would thank them.