JDRF Recognized by Forbes as an All-Star Charity


New York, NY, November 9, 2012 – Forbes magazine is preparing to release its annual rank list of 100 charities and non-profits. In advance of the issue, scheduled for November 19, the magazine has highlighted five all-star organizations based on efficiency. JDRF is excited to have been selected as one of those five.

In the article, “Forbes Picks 5 All-Star Charities: Top Rankings For Efficient Groups”,  writer Abram Brown emphasizes the dedication of JDRF’s network of volunteers – including International Chairman Mary Tyler Moore – and advocates as part of the reason for JDRF’s success. Most importantly, the article points out that most of the money raised with the help of these loyal volunteers goes directly to funding research.

The other organizations included as all-stars are: Brother’s Brother Foundation, United Way, Boys and Girls Clubs of America, and International Rescue Committee. JDRF was the only disease-focused organization included among these outstanding selections.

Thank you to Forbes for recognizing our efforts to be good stewards for our donors. And, a special thank you to our volunteers and advocates for helping to make JDRF one of the top non-profits in the United States.