Go back to school READY to manage T1D

School Kids

We are the success at school type!  Our annual Back to School Conference was a big success!  We talked to so many families and shared great information.  If you unable to attend, we missed you, but we don’t want you to miss out on all the fabulous resources that we shared.  Below is a list of materials that were available at the Back to School Conference.  Please use them to make sure you are ready for school.  Let’s make 2014-15 the happiest and healthiest yet for your student managing diabetes.


NEW! Ohio law about managing a student with type 1 in school

School Checklist

What is a 504?

Example 504 plan

JDRF step by step list to obtain 504 plan 2013

Safe parties at school

Planning for Disasters and Emergencies

Quick Emergency Reference Plan for a Student with Diabetes

Disney Digital Book: Coco Goes Back to School

Type 1 Diabetes – What You Need To Know


To view a copy of the entire bill that was passed,  HB 264, CLICK HERE.