Program & Services

TID Networking Coffees – JAVA with JDRF
Social meetings for parents, caregivers and anyone with insulin-dependant diabetes. Meetings encourage dialogue about the dynamics of living with diabetes and provide a forum to connect with others impacted by the disease. Coffees are held every second Tuesday of the month at Biggby Coffee in Cricket West (Secor and Central) from 6:00 – 7:30 p.m.  Medtronic Diabetes Educator, Robin Cutcher, RN, BSN, CDE, will lead the discussions.

Bag of Hope – Newly Diagnosed Care Kit
The Bag of Hope is designed to provide support and information to families with a child recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Each “kit” is packaged in a JDRF branded backpack and contains an Accu-Chek blood glucose meter, a support DVD, and a variety of books for children and their caregivers. Each bag also includes the popular Rufus the Bear. The Bag of Hope is free of charge and available only from JDRF. To learn more, please contact Lori Lamb at 419.481.8223 or

NEW: School Advisory Toolkit

A resource to support and empower families as they communicate with school staff. To receive a copy contact Lori Lamb at 419.481.8223 or

NEW: Adult Type 1 Toolkit
A resource to help adults with type 1 diabetes. Packet includes practical, personal information for adults at every life stage. To receive a copy, contact Lori Lamb at 419.481.8223 or

Newly Diagnosed Adult Type 1 JDRF Care Pack
Seriously? Adults are diagnosed with “juvenile” diabetes? Yes!
The term “type 1 diabetes”, once commonly used by the medical community to refer to type 1 diabetes, is as prevalent in adults as it is in children. Now, in fact, 50% of all newly diagnosed cases of type 1 diabetes are adults; and 85% of all persons living with type 1 diabetes are over the age of 18.

JDRF provides services and support to help patients and families of all ages live a healthier, longer life without the fear of complications. Our soon to be released JDRF Care Pack is created especially for older type 1 patients and is available at your endocrinologist’s office or your JDRF Chapter Office.

Click here to receive your JDRF Care Pack and learn more about the services and programs we have for you.

Friendly Listener Mentor Group
Volunteers eager to share their experience of living with type 1 diabetes and trained to help the newly diagnosed or those encountering difficult times living with diabetes. JDRF’s volunteer mentors reach out and connect with others who are in need of support, information and the resources JDRF has to offer. If you are interested in volunteering to be a part of JDRF’s Friendly Listener Mentor Group, or if you would like to speak to a Mentor, please contact the Northwest Ohio Office or email

Online Resources
JDRF has developed a number of resources to help every member of the family cope with diabetes. Visit to find basic information about diabetes and its management. The site also features special sections for kids and teens with diabetes, JDRF’s Online Diabetes Support Team, information on clinical trials, diabetes-related articles, links to other diabetes-related web sites, email newsletters, and TypeOneNation, JDRF’s social network for people with type 1 diabetes.

JDRF Resource Guide
Information and resources for children and adults with insulin dependent diabetes and their families. Compiled by our Chapter’s Community Outreach Committee, this information is provided strictly as a resource. JDRF does not evaluate nor recommend specific programs, corporations, organizations, institutions, or medical care providers. Please contact Lori Lamb at 419.481.8223 or to receive a copy in the mail.

All JDRF service and support programs are provided free of charge.