Diabetes Today and Tomorrow

JDRF is proud to announce the 7th Annual Diabetes Today and Tomorrow Conference and Exhibits – Living with Diabetes: A Family Day of Inspiration, Hope, and Education, the single largest event of this kind in the country. On Saturday, May 10, 2014, more than 1,000 people with insulin-dependent (T1) and insulin-requiring (T2) diabetes, their family members and medical care professionals will […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Craig Hansen

Keeping us on our toes Everybody is ready to pitch in and do their part at JDRF’s Greater Iowa Chapter. That’s because JDRF is a well-managed organization in general, but also because Craig Hansen recently completed his term as the Chapter’s Board President. He explains, “Since our Chapter had already achieved much success prior to my […]

You’re the make it happen type

Thank Congress for $150 million renewal of type 1 diabetes research funding JDRF is pleased to report that Congress has approved a one-year renewal of the Special Diabetes Program (SDP). SDP funding has helped realize some of the most groundbreaking advances in type 1 diabetes (T1D) research possible. JDRF advocates have played an integral role […]

Our #1 for April – Brady Pridgeon

Mary Jane Pridgeon, Brady’s Mom wrote a few words to introduce you to Brady and his family. Right before he was officially diagnosed our family took a surprise trip to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. We were going to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  Our family are huge fans of Harry Potter. Brady was […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Dayton Coles

Relaying the Research One thing we can all agree on – T1D is a complicated disease. It is not easy for the general public to understand and the science behind the research is sometimes difficult to explain. But it is vital that we get the word out: JDRF is funding research that will improve the […]

Our #1 for March – Vincent Slack

My name is Bridget, and my son Vincent is a tough, energetic, silly four-year-old boy. He likes superheroes, dinosaurs, racecars, ice skating, camping, jumping, sliding, swimming, riding, running, crawling and climbing! Vincent enjoys more than anything torturing his seven-year-old brother Elden, who is his favorite person on the earth. He also is very close to his […]

Latest Steps Toward Type NONE

JDRF is constant working to find new therapies to treat, prevent and eventually cure type 1 diabetes (T1D).  Exciting research is progressing every day giving us new insights about what causes T1D and how we can slow or stop its effects.  One day, we will find the life-changing key to reversing T1D.  Below are only […]

Redefining the Diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes

Updated criteria could open new possibilities for intervention before symptoms appear JDRF is leading a pertinent discussion in the diabetes field about what defines a diagnosis of type 1 diabetes (T1D). At the 14th Annual Rachmiel Levine Diabetes and Obesity Symposium today, Richard Insel, M.D., JDRF’s chief scientific officer, reviewed evidence supporting the need to […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Kathy Stewart

A warm embrace Kathy Stewart doesn’t do anything half-heartedly. No Mentor Program? She’ll start one!  Need the Outreach Program to grow? She’ll do it! Or maybe you just need a compassionate ear after being newly diagnosed with T1D. She’ll give you her undivided attention. Ever since Kathy’s grandson Marston was diagnosed with T1D at just 14 […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Monica Oxenreiter

Check out this resume: Founder of Zip the Cure, JDRF Youth Ambassador, Walk to Cure Diabetes participant, Trial Net liaison, Promise to Remember Me Campaign advocate, JDRF Children’s Congress delegate, and regular public speaker on living with type 1 diabetes (T1D). It’s hard to believe that someone could offer so much before the age of […]